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At Whales & Co. we are proud of our partnership and active cooperation with important institutions. But to us the significance of the shields above goes beyond what they actually represents in itself as the seeking of knowledge and the Preservation of Natural Resources. Above all, they remind us the people that made us who we are. The people who helped us grow up as the individuals of today. The scientists we worshipped, the mentors that guided us since we were young and naive, the colleagues we shared ideas that actually matters and more important the friends we met along our path.
They represent the stronghold of the port where our vojage begun. But I am not yet ready for gardening; it is time to move forward and walk the next step of that journey together. It is time to apply what was pass on to us by our people. It is time to join forces with our friends and give our contribution to study, understand and preserve our wildlife for the generations to come.
Matteo  Bernasconi
Whales & Co. LLC
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