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What should I wear? 

Being surrounded by water bring temperatures down of about 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit if compared to land. While we do have an inside cabin that will protect you from the elements, its always best to have an extra layer or two! Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses, even gloves are also recommended.

Will I get sea sick?

Some people get it, some people don't! If you're worried about seasickness, check the wind and wave conditions before your trip. Less wind = less waves! If you're unsure, you can always check the Graphical Forecats provided by NOAA.

If you're prone to seasickness and the wind forecast are between 5 and 9 knots, take motion sickness medication beforehand as a precaution. If you get seasick onboard, our crew will do their best to keep you comfortable.


What service do you offer onboard?

We offer some services most private ecotours does not. We have a full galley equipped with "brunchalike" menus (please let us know about allergies), as well as a full bar managed by our certified Somelier. We also have a spacious restroom in case of necessity. Our boat is  equipped with all safety features, a captain and two crew, and our passanger are always involved in what is going on onboard.

What will we see?

We are proud to say that after more than 30 years of work with marine mammals we should be able to go out and spot Whales and Dolphins as well as identified the most common seabirds of the Channel Islands. If there are cetaceans around, we will do our best to sight them for you. I know it is not something you would like to hear but in science even an absence of sighting is data. Notwithstanding that the water sorrounding Anacapa and the Huneme marine canyon with its upwelling give always some special encounter.


Do you guarantee sightings on the whale watching tours?

We do not guarantee sightings as whales are wild animals. However, our crew have many years of experience finding whales. We spent a lot of time out in the Oceans monitoring cetaceans species. Be sure, we will do our best!


What if we don't see any whales? 

While "whale & dolphins less," days are rare here in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature and it does happen. Sometimes weather prevents us from getting out to whale feeding grounds, or sometimes whales start a dive in a direction and turn underwater unpredictably in the opposite way. 

Please understand, we are a very small business and we cannot offer as other companies do an extra tour on the house.

Will we see the Channel Islands?

We will touch Anacapa Island almost all the time unless we spend to much time playin' around with wahles and dolphins on the way.

Do you get cell reception on the island?

There is very little cell phone reception on most of the islands.  The signal drop down around 5 nautical miles from the Channel Island harbor breakwaters. Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands sometimes has cell reception, however it is not very reliable. It is a good idea to turn your cell phone into a camera by using the airplane mode and avoid to drain your battery searching for a ghost signal.

What is the difference between the Anacapa Tour and the Sunset Ride?

The Anacapa half Day Tour (around 5 hours) cross the Santa Barbara Channel and looks for migrating whales as well as other seasonal and resident cetaceans species. It may or may not go near the islands and occurs seasonally in winter and summer with different schedules.

The sunset ride is a coastal cruise at dusk of about 3 hours. Our passengers can enjoy some relaxing time maybe accompained by dolphins or if lucky surprised by a whale, while having a wine tasting experience or simply a glass for a toast to life and to the Oceans.


How long does it take to get to the islands?

For Anacapa and Santa Cruz Island, the normal channel crossing time is slightly over one hour. Time can vary because we do stop for wildlife, dolphins and whales.

Is there a fee to get into the Channel Islands National Park?

There is no entrance fee to get into the Channel Islands National Park.

Which island is the best for the first visit?

Anacapa Island is a great choice for the first time. It takes a short time to arrive and after climbing the stairs it offers a short hike, lighthouse, and inspirational panoramic views. Santa Cruz Island is another great choice. It offers a variety of hiking trails. It also has an interactive visitor’s center as well as a cobblestone beach.

Does the boat sell food?
Yes, we offer a selection of boat made snacks and beverages including beer and local wine for purchase.
Non-alcoholic beverages cost between $2.00 and $5.00
Beer and Wine cost between $8.00-$12.00
Snacks  cost between $2.00-$10.00

Check the “Galley Menu”  - COMING SOON

Price may vary as consequence of seasonal availability of different products


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