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Environmental science worldwide is facing a lack of founding. Even though the reasons are absolutely justified by more pressing social needs, the rhytm of  modern society to seek quick answers for complex problems does not allow the time to produce exhaustive reports and give solutions to problems that, let's be honest, are going lately a little out of control.

The idea that brought Whales & Co. to be born NOT as a non-profit but as an LLC managing a Research Vessel is to contribute independently and "clear out" some of the buerocratic issues we experienced in the past as young scientists to join forces and produce good science with our partners in the Academia and the Governative Agencies.

Whales & Co. provides a high standard, low cost scientific platform accessible all year long in a sea sector where baseline studies about Ecosystem health are feasible and if conducted regularly without interuptions could be most effective.

In Science one needs a lot of data points to generate consistent conclusions, and our way to do so, it is to be in-situ year around where we can opportunistically test hypothesis and potentially survey every day. Off course the idea is not to survey every day. But we think there are other ways to collect resources that well managed may be reinvested into a constant and more proficient scientific effort by joining forces with the colleagues of a lifetime.

To do so, like my mentor Professor Sergio Frugis used to say, the best way is to generate environmental awarness in the public and the new generations. Following that idea, Whales & Co. has the clear intent to promote eco-tourism where an applied ecology research project is active and show people what we actually do to uncover the truth of the processes regulating our Oceans. We want to recruit the Scientists of tomorrow, involving local Community Colleges, bring the students out from the library and give them access to our Research Lab. Our goal is to see them grow into outstanding individuals and the bright minds that will continue our effort to preserve an healthy environment. Because this Planet with its Oceans it is our home and the only real Treasure to pass on to the generations to come. 

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