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  • All tours are subject to up to last minute cancellations due to weather or mechanical issues.
  • Full online payment is required for all Tours.
  • Not showing up at dock will not receive a refund!
  • Seasonal discounts are applied from direct links provided in our home page if available
  • Departure date means > 0:00 hours (Pacific Time) the date of the Tour

To receive a  refund or reschedule your tour, notification must be given in advance as follow:
  • Whale Watching 1/2 Day - 48 hours notice from time of departure date.
  • Sunset Tour trips - 48 hours notice from time of departure date.
  • Be a Scientist for a Day - 72 hours notice from time of departure date.
  • Birdwatcher passage - 72 hours notice (In case of Cancellation 30% of the ticket is NOT refundable).
  • Private charter - 48 hours notice 30% deposit NOT refundable.

At time of booking, full online payment is required. Since this service include a certain degree of rescheduling for our small business we require a 30% NON refundable fee in case of cancellation with a 72 hours notice from departue date (See above in GENERAL for Departure date definition)

Reservations for private charters require at Time of Booking a 30% Deposit. A service agreement contract disclosing full tour and payment details will be sent to the prospective client. This agreement must be returned signed to confirm your reservation. All payment terms must be met. Full payment must be made two (2) weeks in advance of departure date.
Cancellation of your entire reservation must be made 20 days in advance of your departure date to receive a refund of any fees in excess of your deposit. Cancellation of the entire reservation within 14 days of your departure date will result in loss of the money you have already paid. 
To receive a full refund, cancellation must be made 20 days from charter departure date. If you book in a hurry (less than 20 days in advance) please consider you will loose your deposit in case of cancellation.
In the case of no showing up the 30% Deposit is NOT Refundable

When catering is ordered for the RV Tortuga, 72 hour advance notice is required to receive a refund of catering cost.
No refund will be given of catering costs for passengers who do not show up for the Tour or Private Charter.
Also, Special Orders, intended as any Customize service, that require planning and logistic willl be treated as Catering with the difference of a non refundable policy of 7 days that may be vary depending of the nature of the service itself and will be disclouse in details in the service agreement signed by the client.

In case of unfavorable weather or sea conditions, Whales & Co. LLC may cancel or modify departure times at an earlier hour the day of your trip. Whales & Co. LLC reserves the right to cancel a departure at any time due to inclement weather, vessel, or passenger safety concerns. We will do our best to notify passengers as soon as possible in the event of a cancellation by phone or email provided by the customer at the time of making a reservation.
In the event of customer cancellation, Whales & Co. LLC requires at least 1 week of advance notice in order to reschedule or issue a refund for any of our Tours. Private tours as well as courses are eligible for a 50% refund once purchased in the event of customer cancellation prior to 1 week of trip departure.
Please understand, we are a small business, Customers can reschedule their trip one time at least 1 week before of their tour of choice departure date (See above in general for definition).
In the case of a “no-show”, we do not offer refunds or rescheduling services.
If Whales & Co. LLC cancels your tour due to weather or safety advisories we will reschedule your trip.
The captain reserves anytime the right to return to port ahead of schedule due to inclement weather, vessel, or passenger safety concerns while at sea.

For questions, concerns, or comments about our cancellation policy, please email

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. All policies may be changed and posted without notice.
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